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General recommendations


JESA ball bearings are carefully packed to be protected, during their transport and storage, from overlapping, rust, dust and other polluants.

Every package has specific guidelines and data, such as pieces number, designation and production date; the tracking of the goods can this way be guaranteed. To avoid any possible damage of bearings, we recommend to open the package just before use.

For cost or environmental reasons, it might be necessary to send the merchandise in special or returnable packaging. All conditions are in any case discussed with customer before the delivery.


Mounting instructions

JESA ball bearings are handled with biggest care during all the manufacturing process until they are packaged, so that we can put high quality products at our customer's disposal. To ensure a long-term use to these high quality products as machine elements, it is imperative to handle and mounting them with the biggest care. We recommend to follow these guidelines :

  • Unwrap the bearings only just before use.
  • Avoid any shock to bearings, to avoid damages on balls and grooves.
  • Use only adapted tools and avoid too strong pressure on the bearing cages.
  • All the joint elements as axes, housing, etc.. must correspond to quality, tolerance and dimension requirements and must have no rust, burr or any other default.
  • Carefully clean ball bearings and grease them only with cleaned and filtered grease.
  • Mount ball bearings in dry air environment.
  • Not storage ball bearings in humid or corrosive atmosphere.
  • During the mounting, be carefull the glue does not get in contact with the lubricant.

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