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The lubricant’s main role is to avoid metallic contact between elements in motion: rings, balls, cages. It is also a protection for the bearing against weariness and corrosion. It will have the single biggest influence on bearing performance and life.

How to choose an appropriate lubricant depends on temperatures, rotation speed, and environment. An oil and grease lubrication is suitable for bearings: there is no limit between the two kinds of lubrication. Technical and commercial expectations define the lubrication mode.

For a life long lubrication for sealed bearings, grease is usually applied. The standard filling is done according to DIN 51825 K2K, at 30% ± 5% of volume between rings.

For applications where the kind of lubrication is unknown or when oil and grease are not permitted, a so called dry lubrication is available.The following chart gives an overview of lubricants used at JESA (other are available on request):

tableau des graisses


Li = Lithium
LiK = Lithium complex
SpLi = Lithium special
Ba = Barium
BaK = Barium complex
Ca = calcium
Cak = calcium complex
NCA = calcium special
Ph = Polyurea
K = Synthetic (PE, PTFE, FEP)
Al = Aluminium complex
Nak = sodium complex


EP = extreme pressure


Min = Mineral
SYNTH = Synthetic


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