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Rust prevention

Some applications need a coated bearing protection against corrosion. Economy restrictions do not allow stainless steel manufacturing. We suggest zinc galvanic coating, according to 2 alternatives :

Coating DIN 50 961

Zinc coating with min.5, 8,12 or 25 µm. To protect the coating, apply one coat of chrome over. The color varies in function of the quality of the protection layer, in increasing order :

A --> No chrome
B --> Blue
C --> Yellow
D --> Olive
F --> Black

The influence of the coating thickness and chromium coating may be proved with the test: resistance to saline fog. The following chart indicates the time of exposition and apparition of rust :

Rust prevention

Surface treatment Jesatect®

The surface treatment Jesatect consists in a thin layer of galvanic zinc and iron covered with yellow or black chromium plating. The standard layer is 0.5 to 3mm, which allows to administer machine finishing tolerances before treatment.

The resistance test to saline fog (DIN 50 021) gave better results than with regular zinc coating, same thickness (min. 96 hours before rust stains apparition).

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