Ball bearings and sports : Motorsports

Sport of the week : Motorsports. 

First of all, we can list the motorsport that exist. There is two main categories:

Motor racing

Non-racing motorsport

Forms of motorsport which do not involve racing include:

Our goal is to list the sports and applications using ball bearings, therefore we will not develop individualy each motorsport. This is because we do not teach you great things by saying that in each vehicle or equipment used in motor sports are ball bearings. These areas are areas of high precision and high performance where the lifetimes do not exceed a few hours sometimes (for instance in Formula 1). But reliability is above all the most important point. That would be a shame to give up a run for a defective bearing …

In the 90s, JESA sponsored a race car throughout the season.
In the 90s, JESA sponsored a race car throughout the season.
And as usual, here are two videos on the topic: The first is a magnificent work of  FORMAT 67 around the legendary Honda NSX. The video is mounted with some words of Arton Senna and the part on the circuit is at the Nürburgring, emblematic raceway in Germany.

And the second is a video of an action that Red Bull made to participate to the day of silence using an electric motor trial bike!


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