Ball bearings & sports : Land windsurf

The sport of the week : Land windsurf
This sport was born in 1978, the year Arnaud de Rosnay made the first prototype inspired by a sand yacht. This discipline is in fact a windsurfing on wheels (therefore with ball bearings) and is practiced on the northern beaches and on the Atlantic coast. The land windsurfers can reach speeds of up to 90 km/h with standard hardware.
For ball bearings, it’s almost the worst environment : It has everything a bearing fears: water, sand, salt and wind to move all that … So either the bearings are very well protected and calculated specifically for these applications or users often change their bearings!
And as usually, here is a little video found on the web made by F643. This short film shows really good what speed sailing (Land windsurfing) is and what is possible to do with a board, four wheels, a sail and a lot of motivation and passion, enjoy
 More info about this sport on wikipedia

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