Ball bearings video > 1’000 views – 1’000 Thank you

During the month of January this year (2012) we published a relatively simple little video at the opening of our YouTube channel. This video explains how to disassemble a ball bearing with limited means. We received a few “like” and positive comments following the publication of the video and that motivates us to do more! It is therefore once the milestone of 1’000 views passed that we decided to take out our green gloves and our camera to answer the questions we had on YouTube: Now that we know how to disassemble a ball bearing, how do we do for reassembling it?
Here is the video answer :
We hope this video will answer some questions. Should you have any any questions or remarks, feel free to comment on the youtube video or post a comment under this article.
We also point out that this technique has nothing of industrial, it is just the result of more than 10 years of service in the world of ball bearings where we are often led to having to disassemble the bearings on our desks to to see what’s going on inside.
Stay tuned for the next video … but about what? 😉
Ball bearings are for us more than a job, it’s a passion.
Greetings from our beautiful Switzerland.

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