10 reasons to admire Ball Bearings


1- Precision

Precision is certainly one of the finest aspects of mechanics in general. However, precision ball bearings are highest on the list among watch makers, machine tools and aerospace. Tolerances of less than one micron (one millimeter divided by 1,000, or 0.001 mm) are not uncommon in the industry of ball bearings, which shows high precision required and the need to stay ahead of technology in order not
to fall behind the market expectations.

2- Varieties

Hundreds of bearing varieties exist: radial, axial, angular contact, double ball races, to 4 points of contact, ball, roller, needle, ceramic, titanium, stainless steel, etc., etc. … This wide range of variety makes this area attractive and interesting, especially as bearing applications in the industry are numerous and innovations are sought by end users.

3- Aesthetic

The designs and colors are more subjective things. Nevertheless there are some signs that do not lie. If ball bearings were placed in a permanent exhibition at MOMA (Museum of Modern Art) New York, which is a reference for many artists and art lovers, we are sure that the general public would see bearings are actually beautiful and pleasing to the eye. Some see mechanical components as art, that’s what makes all the difference.

4- Functionality

In practice, the ball bearing does not only allow to create a rotational motion. It is also the component that takes axial and radial loads, which may include speed sensors, absorbing the alignment errors in systems, or electrically / thermally isolates the components and reduces maintenance … Whoever has several strings to his bow is admirable, and this is the case with bearings.

5- Adaptability

Of course types of standard ball bearings are numerous, but these dimensions do not always meet to the
application and their various needs. This is why there are small and medium manufacturers of tailored ball bearing solutions to meet the most innovative and craziest needs of different industries such as medicalbuilding technologyautomotive and consumer goods. This is where creativity comes to
the aid of engineering, the result will often provide great tips and problem solving. The design of a ball bearing is important, but to go further, some manufacturers offer a combination of steel bearings and a plastic coating for even more choice of shapes and performance with component weight reduction.

6- Technologies

Having said the above, the element of evolution and innovation are two important aspects of the solution. Thanks to this research of innovation and continuous improvement with anything related to
ball Jesa can offer this. Design and calculations softwares are becoming more sophisticated and accurately simulate applications in of static and dynamic modes.

Manufacturing machines are modernized and are, therefore, more capable, interactive and interesting for operators and users. You can conclude that if the final product must be of good quality and cutting edge technology, process relating thereto must be the same.

7- Competition

Competition is good and healthy, as in sport, it pulls us forward and allows us all to improve. What is true in sports is also true in the world of ball bearings. There are hundreds or thousands of ball bearings manufacturers on the planet and this abundance creates a competition between different players in this field. And competition means constant need to improve for the sake of differentiation, and to stay ahead. Most bearing manufacturers scramble to find new solutions to offer to consumers, it is here somehow that competition lead to the high-tech side!

8- Omnipresence / Ubiquity

If these 10 reasons in this article do not fill you in awe by this small (or large) mechanical component that is the ball bearing, it is a fact. But it is impossible to avoid in the bearing in everyday life because it is everywhere. During a day, it is not surprising to come across more than 100 ball bearings in your daily life. When you get up in the morning and open the sliding door of your dressing room, when you use your coffee machine, when you take the elevator, when you open your garage door when you take your car or bike to work … at each stage you will be using ball bearings. So you can ignore them, but cannot do without them. This dependence can seduce and make this component admired by its necessity.

9- History

The story of the creation of ball bearings goes back to the oldest. The first traces of the principles of rotation appear back to the time of the Egyptians, they were moving large blocks of stone for the manufacture of the pyramids on round wooden logs. Through this principle they could reduce friction, increase the speed of movement of these blocks and importantly alleviate the arduous tasks that were theirs. 
Then, during the fifteenth century, Leonardo da Vinci discovered the principle of rotation. He made the first sketches of a ball bearing and realized that the friction would be reduced if the rolling elements (balls) did not touch them. Thanks to Mr. Da Vinci, we discovered the principle of ball cages in ball bearings. This concept was reviewed in the eighteenth century in connection with the manufacture of a
carriage ride through the English who finally lodged a patent on this principle. Here are a few lines of the seductive story of the discovery of the concept of rotation, one more argument in favor of the ball bearing: The Great Leonardo da Vinci
Premier croquis de roulement à billes de Léonardo Da Vinci
First sketch of ball bearing of Leonardo Da Vinci

10- Economy

The ball bearing industry in 2010 represented an aggregate market value of more than 40 billion U.S. dollars. This is not insignificant. The economic aspect is also an important aspect of the ball bearing as it represents thousands of jobs worldwide, and this fact imposes some respect. The bearings also contribute to the green movement by offering still less friction and therefore less energy consumption. A good point to end this list of “10 things” that demonstrate the admiration of the industry and this mechanical component : Ecology.

We love bearings………………………………………………………………………..

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