An eternity of innovations


A small step back to show the madness of innovation in the world of bearings

Since the invention in the fifteenth century of what we know today as the “ball bearing“, countless innovations have emerged. Indeed, this simple yet complicated mechanical element at a time is the subject of thousands of internet searches each year. It is difficult enough to follow the evolution of this growing market, and to also realize that on many industrial fairs, manufacturers, large or small, have their ideas of innovations to introduce. It is difficult to estimate the number of students, engineers and professionals who work daily to improve the product that we all use every day without necessarily realizing it. Dozens, hundreds even of thousands of people?

However the important thing is the many improvements to this common product is all progress and allows better performances at more effective costs. Materials, behaviour, profiles and processes are certainly the most studied areas. We now see integrated measurement units, surface treatments that improve the durability and friction, dry lubrication and solutions in polymers or ceramic.

The ecology and current development prove to be at the centre of influential research in the field of bearings. Tribological studies (science of friction), can improve contact and friction in the bearing and so reduce energy needs or losses due to friction in the system.

This constant innovation is essential in a highly competitive market, when we know that the ball bearing market is expected to reach a total value of $101 billion in 2018, we can understand why the need for differentiation and product performance is so important. Everyone wants a piece of this huge cake. But we are certain that passion also plays a leading role in this continuous search for improvement.

This blog is a multifaceted one, that makes this area so interesting and continually at the forefront of technology. The use of bearing in the world’s most innovative instruments and machines is also pushing its development towards centre stage.

We look forward to see future innovations both the daring and the foolish…

To be continued…

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