The “Hand Spinner” Craze

Who hasn’t heard about “Hand Spinners” also called “fidget spinners”, a fashion phenomenon that has spread like wildfire the last few months

They are usually small, typically having three arms, and come in huge assortment of colours and designs…each version more outrageous than the last!

What’s driving this craze?

Thanks to the central ball bearing, the hand spinner spins rapidly and depending on the model, and the quality of the central ball bearing, it can continue to do so for several minutes. Easy to use and fun, kids love them. Finding ever more inventive ways to spin them on fingers, noses, foreheads etc. They compete with each other as to who is the most creative and agile. For the older user, these tiny toys also provide welcome stress relief.

For this particular toy, the most commonly used ball bearing is the 608. The balls used can be, metal, ceramic or made from a hybrid material. They could be made of metal balls, ceramic balls or hybrid balls.

Originally invented for her daughter in 1997 by Catherine Hettinger, an American mother, this type of toy has evolved to become the “Hand Spinner” that we know and love today. First used for therapeutic purposes by the parents of autistic and hyperactive children in order to focus their attention, the “Hand Spinner” now provides entertainment in school playgrounds.

And you, have you already succumbed to the temptation of the “Hand Spinner”?

Do you want to beat speed records with your “Hand Spinner”? If so, here’s what you need to do:

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