Meet Christina, our Key Account Manager

« Apart from a short stint in the world of industry, my whole career before starting at JESA as a Key Account Manager a year ago has been in IT, and more precisely cloud solutions and internet security, where I have occupied various positions in sales and management. »

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« I became passionate about golf about 4 years ago, from the very first time that I tried it. What I particularly love about it is the fact that it is not only a fun way to exercise and spend time in stunning place, but it is also a work of patience, perseverance and self-discipline. In addition, it has allowed me to meet many people from all paths of life.

And finally, it is an activity that I share with my husband and that we can combine with our other passion, travelling the world. »

« My favourite days are those spent with my customers; the best part is actually going to visit them, but even the preparation work, and the research on them and their market, are incredibly interesting. And helping them find a solution to their problems is very rewarding.

On a daily basis, when I am in the office, I mainly work with the Engineering and Customer Service teams. »

« People at JESA are very friendly and helpful. I really like the fact that we are all working towards a common goal. »

« What I find most interesting at JESA is how innovative and solution driven the company is; we develop solutions with and for our customers. »

« The project that has impacted me most is the first one that I have been involved in from the beginning and that we have won. It was for packaging machines and the requirements in terms of quality, size and price were very high. We have very recently delivered the first prototypes. »


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