Meet Can, our Administration Apprentice

«A posting for an administration apprenticeship at JESA immediately caught my attention: the possibility of working within different departments during the three years has been particularly interesting for me.

I am now on my third and final year, working within the Customer Services department.»

«In my private time, I have a real passion for dancing, which I not only practice, but also teach. I am also a music and fashion enthusiast.»

«Because I have worked within various departments at JESA, I do not really have a typical day. My tasks within the CS department are manifold: validating POs and invoices, transferring information through our freight forwarder’s system, printing customs documents for the logistics team, confirming orders to our customers; in addition I am also in charge of the main phone line and the distribution of the mail. From time to time, I also lend a hand to our other apprentices.

The departments in which I have worked previously are Administration, HR, Accounting and Marketing.»

Photo credit: Canva

«I have enjoyed working within the different departments at JESA as is has allowed me to get a feeling for the different activity sectors of the company; I particularly liked the teams that I have worked with, the great atmosphere, as well as the variety of the tasks that I have performed.»

«The Value that means the most to me at JESA is a sense of Sharing; my colleagues have all shared their knowledge and experience with me.»

Photo credit: Canva

«I especially enjoyed organising the company day out last year ; it has been fun to set up, but the best part has been seeing how much my colleagues enjoyed the activity we had planned for them, as well as the evening event. And I really liked the team spirit that came across during the Escape Game.»

«For my 18th birthday, my colleagues decorated my desk with tinsel, balloons and a cake. And as I have a tendency to make up words, I even received a dictionary “Can”ianims. »

Photo credit: Canva

Meet some of our other employees

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