Meet Cristiano, our Stock and Logistics Manager

« After finishing my secondary education, I did several internships in different companies, but nothing was a real match; until I started at JESA where I was the first Logistics apprentice.

After graduating, I had several temporary jobs which gave me experience of various companies, but a year later I was given the opportunity to come back to JESA, and I jumped at it. I had the chance to take on further responsibilities, such as the supervision of our apprentice. Now, two years later, I have been promoted to Logistics and Stock Manager after my former manager left. »

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« Originally from Portugal, I came to Switzerland in 2005. I have a passion for football and birds and am also a movie enthusiast. But what I love most is my son, and spending time with him. »

« My days are rather full. Preparing of internal and external orders, loading or unloading of goods, managing the stock, looking after the apprentice, those are only some of the things that keep me busy every day. What I really enjoy doing is organising our work and managing my team. »

Photo Credit: Canva

« I feel at home at JESA. I feel very close not only to my team, but to my colleagues in general. »

« I like the fact that I can organise my work. What I also enjoy is our annual company outing, during which I get the chance to talk to colleagues I don’t interact with as much on a daily basis. »

Photo Credit: Canva
Photo Credit: Canva

« The project that has had the most impact on me is the new oil collector for one of our new machines. As the machine is located in the stockroom, we had to take down all the shelves, allowing room for the machine to move in, and put them back up a few hours later. From an organisational point of view, this was rather challenging. »

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