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40 years in business

40 years in business


JESA celebrated its 40th birthday in 2009 by inviting employees and their families to an open day at the company headquarters in Villars-sur-Glâne. Much to everyone’s delight, the founder of the company, Mr. Joseph Egger, was also present.

The programme included a guided tour of the company by JESA managers. The visitors were able to find out about our assembly solutions combining ball bearings and plastic injection, as well as our production facilities. The day was rounded off by drinks and a superb dinner. Many anecdotes were recounted throughout that wonderful day. It was also an opportunity for JESA to thank its employees and their families for their everyday commitment which contributes greatly to the quality, innovativeness and reliability of our products. A business cannot survive without its employees, something which the JESA management understands very well. On the same day we also celebrated the 40th birthday of the first product to be mass-produced at JESA. This effectively means that we have how spent more than 15,000 days producing over moulded ball bearings for the transport chains industry. What a history! This product is both an example of and testament to the stability of JESA as well as the satisfaction and confidence of its customers. All of this fills us with pride.

Happy birthday, JESA!

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