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Standard Bearings

JESA - roulements billes

Standard ball bearings are very widely used and are found in numerous applications. JESA has a vast assortment of standard ball bearings in order to cover a great many different applications. Designed and developed by Swiss engineers, they are then produced in Switzerland and China thanks to our production infrastructure. We are capable of supplying ball and needle bearings according to international standard ISO 15 up to an external diameter of 200 mm. The benefits of standard ball bearings are that they are interchangeable and less costly.

However, sometimes using a standard ball bearing can prove more expensive than using a tailor-made bearing, since a standard bearing is not adapted to your specific requirements and may therefore need to be replaced. This is why JESA employs engineers specialised in the development and integration of bearings, who study your requirements in terms of final application and advise you of the differences between the standard product and the ideal product. In this way, unnecessary expense can be minimized. JESA is the ideal partner, working hard to your advantage.

A few examples

Benefits for you

+ Access to a complete range of bearings (ISO 15)
+ Personalized technical and logistical solution
+ Help from our specialists in choosing bearings
+ Avoids unnecessary expense
+ Rapid response
+ Human contact

Standard ball bearings are used in these different markets

Do you have any questions?

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or comments. We look forward to hearing from you.

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