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Bearing for spinning and twisting machine

Application for the textile industry pdf_blue_large

Bearing for spinning and twisting machine



  • The mechanism needed to compare a single and unique part, and be ready to install to avoid loss of time.
  • A single supplier was required for this mechanism, calling for different types of expertise such as ball bearings, integration of an axis, impeccable precision in the plastic injection parts making up the bearing.



  • JESA succeeded in combining several parts and functions into a single and unique made-to-measure mechanism.
  • The geometry was specially designed for automatic feeding of the thread into the profile.



  • Because the plastic body is fixed to the exterior ring of the bearing using catches, the plastic is resistant to pulsating axial loads. This results in longer intervals between maintenance, enabling the machine to be used more economically.
  • The choice and implementation of a special plastic material that is resistant to wear from textile fibres.
  • The use of a special, long-lasting synthetic grease helps improve the product’s reliability and reduces the need for maintenance.
  • A particular internal construction based on a principle of reducing frictional torque at the centre of the bearing, results in lower frictional torque of the unit.


Customer benefits

  • Increased lifetime and longer time between maintenance, resulting in increased productivity.
  • As a global supplier, JESA saves its customers the necessity of having 3 different sources of supply.
  • The plastic/metal combination helps to reduce the weight of the unit and the tension caused by the rotation of a heavier component. Less power and tension are therefore needed in the system, thus helping to prevent thread breakages.



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