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Bearing unit for poultry deboning

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Bearing unit for poultry deboning


  • The lifetime of the existing bearing unit used for transporting the poultry carcasses is shortened by the highly corrosive environment and washdown high loads.
  • The existing sealing design of the bearing unit are not effective and results in the maximum bearing lifetime not being reached.
  • Downtime costs and frequent bearing replacement means high costs and a short bearing lifetime.
  • The grease used in the application must be food compatible and compliant with food industry standards.


JESA Innovation

  • An integrated special double sealing design was produced.
  • Special seal material, resistant to the corrosive environment was selected.
  • Internal bearing geometry was optimised to provide the highest load capacity without changing the external bearing dimensions.


JESA Solution

  • Fitting of the double sealing arrangement, including a “flinger” design prevented any ingress of corrosive substances to the bearing grease.
  • The proven special seal material offered maximum lifetime.
  • The high loads needed to support the dynamic application was matched by the use of an optimised ball and raceway design.
  • Food compatible grease, and the correct volume for the application speed and load was delivered.


Customer Benefits

  • Maximum lifetime bearing design means less downtime and lost production with connected higher costs.
  • A significant reduction in maintenance costs because of the less frequent replacement of the bearing units.
  • Any risk of grease loss from the bearing onto the poultry is minimized, and due to food compatibility, contaminations risks are small.


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