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Bearings for linear guidance

Application for the industry pdf_blue_large

Bearings for linear guidance



  • Applications for linear guides require a high level of precision to allow the guided elements to move easily and with reduced play.
  • These linear movements are generally short but can be very fast, which generates acceleration forces that can damage the systems linear rollers.
  • Therefore as these combined high loads (radial + axial) are frequent it is essential to choose the right linear roller product for the application.



  • An increase in load capacity of 35% through the integration of the linear roller fixing shaft.
  • A reduced friction torque optimized by a thorough knowledge of the forces acting on the component.
  • A combination of geometry and of special materials suitable for an extended life of the rail and linear roller.



  • Integration of the linear roller with the mounting shaft reduces the number of components and to increase the reliability of the assembly.
  • Calculating the lifetime of the linear roller based on the deformation of the outer roller profile requires great product knowledge and understanding.
  • Full customization of the outer roller profile design is achieved by Jesa with our advanced technology for internal roller construction.
  • Integration of the fixing method of the shaft with a hexagonor eccentric thread.


Customer benefits

  • Load capacities optimized to ensure maximum system operation and a long service life.
  • A reduction of noise caused by the linear rollers achieved through exclusive machining techniques and innovative surface treatments.
  • Energy savings are made due to lower internal roller friction.



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