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Cam roller for bottling line

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Cam roller for bottling line

Galet de came


  • In recent years the performance needed for components of bottling lines have continued to increase (higher speed, resistant to caustic cleaning agents and fillers, longer life).
  • Cam rollers deteriorate quickly due to excessive loads and a very aggressive environment (one which rusts even stainless steel).
  • A solution that allows for a better resistance and longer life is needed due to difficult application mechanical conditions or chemical conditions.
  • The lubrication of the roller needs to satisfy to the food industry requirements.


JESA Innovation

  • Using a patented stainless steel which has superior corrosion resistant (Steenox).
  • A specific external profile of the outer ring effective bonding of the overmold.
  • The overmold material is optimized for heavy loads and at high speeds.
  • Special grease for use in food environment.


JESA Solution

  • New JESA stainless steel (Steenox), with excellent properties for an aggressive environment.
  • Optimized design for the outer ring of the bearing, to provide a perfect fit of the overmold.
  • Suitable overmold material with optimum Shore hardness for low wear.
  • Use of a specific grease, suitable for heavy loads and approved for the food industry.


Customer Benefits

  • A significantly higher roller lifetime, greatly reducing machine downtime.
  • Reduced maintenance costs with a considerable intervals between maintenance.
  • Use of a greased roller instead of a plain bearing lubricated with water.
  • Increased performance of the bottling system machine with a high quality product, which reinforces the manufacturer’s leading position in the market.


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