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Cam roller for embroidery machine head

Application for the textile industry pdf_blue_large

Cam roller for embroidery machine head

Galet de came pour machine à broder


  • A special Roller was needed to ensure the perfect adjustment after assembly and the optimum fitting of the roller in the cam track of the embroidery machine.
  • The application needed a special solution as the standard LR 605 was inadequate.
  • The highest load capacity was needed to guarantee the longest life time possible



  • Provide a brand new and innovative design ready for volume production.
  • Ensure a high quality level in order to guarantee the lifetime requirement for the textile industry.
  • Allow precise adjustment of the machine thanks to the eccentric design.



  • According to the decades of experience of JESA in track roller design and production, a special inner ring design was produced in order to be able to easily adjust the track after assembly.
  • The inner ring has an eccentric part for adjustment
  • The integrated shaft allows optimised design for fixing and on machine adjustment.


Customer benefits

  • Fully integrated solution (shaft and track roller).
  • Easy and precise adjustment for fitting in the track after assembly with the eccentric diameter.
  • A roller with high load capacity for maximum lifetime.
  • Only one part to for the customer to manage in the logistics process.
  • A special design, which enables the customer to control the aftermarket spare parts requirement



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