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Control screw for paper store

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Control screw for paper store

Vis d’entraînement pour stockeur papier


  • Production costs were high due to the large number of components coming from different sources.
  • The guarantee of minimum radial striking on the screw was undermined because of the installation of an injected part on a standard bearing.



  • JESA’s expertise in the area of over moulding of bearings and its experience in the combination of plastic and metallic materials.
  • A complete solution combining high-precision screw-machine parts, ball bearings and parts made from synthetic material.
  • Reduced friction between the axis and the screw permitting the use of a less powerful motor.



  • A complete mechanism, ready to install, with encasable plastic caps on both sides with incorporated ball bearings, for quick and easy installation by the customer.
  • JESA developed a main nut accompanied by a ball bearing over moulded with engineering polymer.


Customer benefits

  • An accurate and reliable mechanism combined with JESA’s technology and experience in over moulding of bearings.
  • The customer now has a mechanism from a single supplier, thereby reducing its internal logistics, its installation and control costs and its procurement administration.
  • High-precision ball bearings, assembled on each side, permanently lubricated, are capable of absorbing axial load without wearing out. The drive operates without maintenance, which improves the lifetime of the lifting mechanism.



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