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Flexibility and customer orientation

Application for the automobile industry pdf_blue_large

Flexibility and Customer orientation



  • A large blue chip manufacturer of critical components for the automotive industry became aware of a problem with an important new system for a vehicle during the test phase with a German manufacturer.
  • The bearings required did not suit the application requirements causing noise and vibration at certain operational frequencies, this was unacceptable to the German end customer.
  • Qualification tests had failed and Jesa had to react, and quickly.
  • The automotive sub system manufacturer urgently needed a “Plan B” in order not to lose the project against competition and turned to JESA for it’s known responsiveness and flexibility.



  • Jesa designed and offered 10 prototypes special bearings according to the requirements and specifications of the customer.
  • This proposal for customised and optimised bearings was completed in record time and the bearings will be delivered in 20 days.
  • Manufacturing of prototypes met all aspects of metrology and process ISO TS 16949:2009
  • In the end Jesa managed to finish the prototypes and complete the automotive paperwork in 16 days, 4 less than expected.



  • Jesa’s flexible prototype process from design to production provided exactly what the customer wanted.
  • Jesa produced prototypes in record time with a united team and in close collaboration with the customer.
  • Jesa’s stable process operated smoothly even within the high expectations demand in the automotive field and when deadlines are extremely short.


Customer benefits

  • A renewed opportunity to win the project.
  • A flexible and responsive image to their German car manufacturing customer.
  • Creditable speed and performance for the world of custom ball bearings.
  • Convincing evidence that every problem has a (spinning) solution.



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