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Hardened sleeve for seal location

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Hardened sleeve for seal location

Hardened sleeve seal


  • Shafts with seals to seal bearings are used in many mechanical sub-assemblies such as: pumps, gears and gearboxes
  • These sleeves are used to prevent premature wear of the shaft in contact with the seal
  • Using these sleeves simplifies maintenance and reduce the manufacturing costs of the shaft



  • The vast experience of JESA for heat treatment and grinding manufacturing is utilised
  • Producing the steel diameter in accordance with manufacturers’ specifications



  • Use of stainless steel or chrome steel
  • Heat treatment to achieve a hardness of 60 HRC or more
  • Sleeve range is produced by plunge grinding
  • Geometry and precision of these parts are in according with DIN 620 (standard bearings)


Customer benefits

  • These JESA sleeves allow customers to implement a cost effective solution, with quality production of the parts
  • Simplifying maintenance
  • Each sleeve can be a specific product design that can be easily integrated into the design of the final customer product



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