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Heat insulating bearing

Application for the power tools industry pdf_blue_large

Heat insulating bearing

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  • This bearing is used in various hand tools such as “power tools”.
  • The ball bearing was developed specifically for extreme use during many hours at high speed in a harsh environment.
  • The customer was faced with problems of heating of the entire system, which considerably reduced the lifetime and performance of the bearing.
  • The seal friction and lubrication of the bearing was not suitable to reduce heat and solve the problem.



  • JESA proposal was for a thermal insulation concept by means of a plastic coating whilst maintaining the mechanical properties of the ball bearing and its external dimensions.
  • The thermal conductivity of the selected polymer coating offers 106 times more insulation than steel.
  • The system and its bearing component will therefore be insulated from the overheating caused by the bearing, as the heat is removed through the system shaft.



  • Polymer overmolding is unusually very thin (one millimeter) applied through a JESA’s experience and with a special injection technology, which prevents any split on the molding weld line.
  • The polymer adhesion to the bearing is a unique design developed by the JESA engineering team.
  • JESA also proposed to this customer an assembly with ceramic balls to further reduce friction and limit the heat transfer to within the bearing, extending grease and bearing life.


Customer benefits

  • An innovative solution that eliminates the problem of overheating and reduced lifetime.
  • A significant improvement in the final product so that the customer is able to differentiate themselves in their market.
  • The customer was able to maintain all other parts of the system with no design repercussions on related components already in the field.
  • Increased the customer ease of use.



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