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Mechanism for xenon directional headlights

Application for the automotive industry pdf_blue_large

Mechanism for xenon directional headlights

Mécanisme pour phares xénon directionnels


  • The large amount of axial play and the friction in the linear system caused problems with dazzling and other malfunctions.
  • The system was found to be unreliable as a result of the rigorous operating conditions.



The customer is now able to develop its market thanks to

  • JESA’s experience in ball bearing technology,
  • judicious choice of materials,
  • optimization of lubrication and geometry.



  • Working with the customer, JESA developed an actuator with integrated ball bearing, containing an optimum combination of plastic and metallic elements.
  • The JESA solution consists of the internal assembly of an optimized ball bearing and a special grease, thus reducing frictional torque and axial play.
  • JESA has patented a specially designed groove to ensure the centring of the bearing and of the over-injected part.


Customer benefits

  • A mechanism specially developed for this type of application, ensuring minimum axial play and low friction across the entire temperature range
  • The customer now has a mechanism from a single supplier, thereby reducing its internal logistics, its installation costs and its procurement administration.
  • JESA produces over 6 million units of this mechanism per year on a completely automated line, guaranteeing quality, reliability and rapid delivery.



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