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Needle roller bearing

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Needle roller bearing

JESA aiguilles


  • This needle roller is used in a cam mechanism.
  • The point loads are applied on an 5 mm diameter shaft and are extremely strong.
  • The lifetime of the application can go up to 30 years.
  • The application requirements dictate that this needle roller bearing should not fail.


JESA’s Innovation

  • In-depth study and detailed analysis of the application in demanding specifications.
  • FEM study of the shaft
  • Research and testing on materials and heat treatment to extend the mechanical limits further.


JESA’s Solution

  • Choosing an innovative steel that significantly improves the performance of the application
  • A combination of a special steel and heat treatment to achieve the capacity with high static and dynamic load for an 5mm shaft diameter.
  • Use of a high performance bespoke production tooling
  • A very precise and bespoke testing process replicating the final application.


Customer benefits

  • Higher load capacities for same boundary dimensions
  • A solution that fits 100% to the customer needs
  • An exterior design with the same boundary dimensions, so the customer did not need to modify to the existing application components and related materials.



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