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Pulley for stretching synthetic fibres

Application for textile industry pdf_blue_large

Pulley for stretching synthetic fibres



  • The customer, during the development phase for a new generation of machines, contacted JESA with a view to replacing an old system (pressure rollers).
  • The application calls for minimum rotational torque.
  • The contact surface between the thread and the pulley must be extremely resilient and adapted to contact with synthetic fibres.



  • JESA’s research and tests were carried out on a specific high-quality surface treatment.
  • Downsizing of the internal construction enabled friction, and therefore torque, to be reduced.



  • JESA designed a compact and complete system, comprising more than 10 elements in order to meet the customer’s requirements.
  • Shields and seals were developed to enable the system to be relubricated while guaranteeing that the watertightness of the bearing was maintained.
  • A metal/plastic combination was adopted to prevent the external sleeve becoming distorted in relation to the thin layer of the wall.


Customer benefits

  • Thanks to JESA and the precision of its bearings, the client can expect increased rotation speed.
  • The personalized design conceived by JESA enabled a system to be created that is interchangeable and capable of being used on several models in the customer’s range of machinery.




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