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Tension pulley for belt-drive-systems

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Tension pulley for belt-drive-systems


  • Based on a customer request, JESA has designed and engineered a smart industrialization process for an existing product which improves the existing solution.
  • The selection of components, materials and manufacturing processes has been organized to cater for different sizes of tension pulleys.
  • Design, load ratings and lifetime requirements all designed to meet the customers specification.


JESA Innovation

  • Selection of an optimized polyamide for the customer application and JESA production injection process.
  • JESA are capable of overmolding a full prefabricated bearing which reduces assembly complexity for the customer.
  • Special design of the roller assembly to ensure load capacity and the best “form-fit” between the different materials (polymide and steel) within the assembly.


JESA Solution

  • A JESA produced ball bearing, directly overmolded achieving good adhesion between the bearing and outer polymide.
  • No need for any after processing, machining or similar due to the accurate molding tolerances achieved at JESA.
  • Easy assembly of the integrated second bearing and other components required for the customers assembled system.


Customer Benefits

  • This integrated assembly has been designed and produced using a bearing and plastic-injection specialist – JESA.
  • Significant cost reduction achieved for the customer.
  • Customer achieves a complete single solution from one supplier.
  • Flexible delivery options for the customer so as to react to the fast changing market conditions.


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