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«Touchdown» hybrid bearings for vacuumpumps

Application for the Vacuum industry pdf_blue_large

«Touchdown» hybrid bearings for vacuumpumps



  • Vacuum pumps with magnetic bearings require a back up system called a “landing” or “touchdown” bearing.
  • These very precision bearings instantly engage should the power fail and the rotor stop, saving the expense and system damage
  • The application requires high specification quality bearings that can accept immediate acceleration to speeds of around 80’000 rpm.
  • The use in the vacuum pump environment impose strict rules on the choice of materials, quality and cleanness of the bearing and components.



  • To develop these demanding applications, JESA used all their knowledge in bearing design, choice of materials and heat treatments.
  • The optimization of the internal construction ensure a large number landings or system failures before needing to be replaced.



  • JESA has designed hybrid bearings (steel rings and ceramic balls) with super precision accuracy, with stainless steel and quality ceramic material.
  • The design uses a full complement of balls, without cage and this has provided the high load capacities needed in the application as well as the immediate acceleration from zero to maximum speed in a split second.
  • Only manufacturers of super precision bearing with extremely high quality standards of production and material process are good enough for this application.


Customer benefits

  • The Jesa experience and precision abilities together with a Swiss quality guarantees the customer many application “landings” with high performance.
  • JESA’s research on materials, heat treatment and our high quality manufacturing processes allow JESA customers profit in the world of advanced technology products, now and in the future.
  • An economical component enabling performance and quality to be increased.



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