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Yarn guidance pulley

Application for the textile industry pdf_blue_large

Yarn guidance pulley



  • The customer involved JESA to optimise the current solution with a superior design and reduced costs
  • The assembly of the old version was not easy, the fitting of the miniature bearing in the roller has an influence on the radial play and hence the rotation quality
  • All component materials in the existing design were unnecessarily expensive: stainless steel and brass



  • With our 40 year experience, Jesa designed a new integrated solution which exceeded the new requirements of lifetime and cost reduction.
  • The redesign of the assembly decreased the number of components from 7 to 2.



  • JESA has developed an assembly with an integrated shaft and special outer ring.
  • The parts are no longer in expensive stainless steel, but steel with a special JESA surface coating.


Customer benefits

  • No more problems with radial fitting of the bearing due to the heavy interference fit needed with the old design
  • Higher load capacity and a longer lifetime because of the integrated assembly using more balls
  • An economical solution that fits the customers requirement and increases application performances


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