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JESA is committed to the environment

As an international player it is our responsibility to bring you a technological solution that is environmentally friendly.


Application of environmental principles

For many years we have been prioritizing the application of environmental principles in the development of our technological solutions, our purchases of raw materials, the transportation of merchandise, the manufacture of bearings and the handling of our waste.

JESA therefore minimises any harmful effects on the environment by economising on raw materials and energy and constantly searching for ways of generating less waste, used water, noise and other emissions.


Research and environmental awareness

JESA takes environmental considerations into account in its research into innovations and in the development of its products. For example, JESA is working with a Swiss university on a project aimed at reducing friction in bearings. The increased performance thus achieved will help reduce the environmental impact and improve the durability of solutions for our customers.

The sustainability and success of our company therefore unquestionably involves active environmental protection.

We are committed to constantly reducing impact on the environment caused by activities from our sites, and thereby to help achieve environmental balance.

Jesa Eco company

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