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Quality / production

Our commitment to quality and production

Quality is not something that is claimed, but is acquired. This is how we could sum up our approach to this often debated subject. Like a house, quality needs firm foundations upon which to endure and develop. At JESA, we have the following resources available in order to create these foundations:

Trained and motivated staff

Our staff are always ready to respond to the needs of customers. Each employee has a role to play in implementing this quality objective. Who better than the operator of a machine for detecting a derivation in a production process?

Controlled production processes

Corresponds to these same requirements. Carefully chosen and maintained facilities are necessary for this purpose. We place our confidence in the 6-Sigma method and our SPC software to provide us with information enabling us to follow up and continuously improve our machines;

Simple and efficient organization

This is enhanced by modern, high-performance administrative tools such as the ERP, MES systems etc.

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