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Sealing and protection

The function of seals and shields is to protect the bearing from dirt, water pingressions and avoid any grease leakage. Shields and seals can be customised in acordance with the desires of the customer (colour, marking, etc).

Non contact shields and seals

(without any influence on the friction torque and the limit speed)

Z : Steel shield
CP : Plastic cover
BRS : Labyrinth seal
RZ : Idem BRS but covered with NBR

joints sans contact


Contact seals

RSR : Seal with radial rim contact
RSRL : Idem RSRbut with light contact
RS : Seal with contact in a radius
URS : Seal with axial-radial groove contact

More seals designs can be made, particularly the combination of a cover and a seal in parallel.

The seals are of vulcanized NBR on steel armature. For higher temperature applications, other materials are readily available (FPM, ACM, TPFE…).

joints avec contact

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