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What do we mean by “tailored solutions” ?

During the development phase of a vehicle, a coffee machine or a conveyance chain, an engineer is frequently confronted with a multitude of constraints. The role of JESA in the development phase is to eliminate the restrictions and obstacles facing the engineer. We do this by going beyond the limits of catalogue products by developing ball bearings and tailored units that are completely adapted to the applications of our customers. Personalization of our tailored solutions is something we hold dear. Innovation, flexibility, quality and benefit for our customers are therefore our watchwords. Our modern machine park has also been designed and developed with a view to ensuring impeccable performance and quality. Its flexibility also enables us to offer logistical solutions that are ideally adapted to the needs of modern industry.

The different ways to personalization

The failure of a standard bearing can be explained by a number of different reasons: non-adapted raw materials, inadequate seals, lubrication not adapted to speeds and temperatures, poor choice of cage, and even incorrect sizing of the internal construction of the bearing. Our Spinning Solutions Engineers team has the tools and the knowledge necessary to help you avoid unnecessary additional costs caused by this failure. The creativity of our engineers will help you to create complete units containing ball bearings, engineering plastics and various inserts or metal parts.

Savings resulting from engineering, services and “Spinning Solutions” products

Economic considerations play an important role when choosing between using a standard bearing and a complete, tailored solution. By “economic considerations”, we mean of course the cost price of the bearing or rotating part, which can be more than just the costs of materials and labour.

Indeed, how much cost is incurred by:

  • maintenance problems with the finished product?
  • dealing with 5 suppliers instead of just one?
  • complete assembly on one site compared to installation of JESA subassemblies?
  • the cost fo logistics for several individual parts?

Choosing a spinning solution will therefore enable JESA to help you achieve a technical improvement and overall simplification of your procurement system, whilst prioritizing the “design to cost” design method.

Benefits for you

+ Tailored solutions adapted to your application

+ Innovative products with Swiss quality

+ Professional project management

+ A flexible and modern logistics service

+ Simplification of your procurement system thanks to single supplier

Do you have any questions?

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or comments. We look forward to hearing from you.

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