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Steenox technology

Steenox or the innovative combination of a martensitic stainless steel and a special heat treatment. This technology increases the performance of the material, both in terms of fatigue strength and the corrosion resistance.

For use of a bearing in a particularly corrosive environment and, where the life is important, Steenox is the solution.

Compared with a conventional bearing stainless steel AISI 440C (DIN 1.4125), a salt spray resistance test shows that the corrosion resistance is increased by between 15 to 20 times.

Where this technology is recommended

This technology is currently offered for bearing solutions for use in the food industry and also for linear guides.

With one of our food industry customers application, the use of Steenox has clearly demonstrated its advantages. Steenox has been used in this customers demanding application where an increased resistance to corrosion was imperative, Steenox provided excellent results.

Do you have any questions?

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